Growing up in a family of artists, at an early age Scott was exposed to and inspired by the work of photographers such as Mustafa Seven. In 2007 he channeled his focus to learning the skill of photography through self-study and trial. Valiantly at the age of 21 he quit his job, bought an entry level DSLR and a 1-way plane ticket to Europe. Entirely self-taught in the art of photography, Scott was inspired by the old world beauty and history of Europe and he began to build his portfolio of work.  While there, Scott also acquired a passion for travelling and used Europe as a springboard for seeing the world. This is now the drive behind his work – using photography as a device to motivate others to expand their horizons through travel.  


Scott Walsh was born and raised in Peterborough, Ontario. His sense of adventure has taken him far from home on travels all across the globe. In the past 5 years, Scott has lived in Europe and Australia. He has travelled extensively through South East Asia, Nepal and most recently took a 3-month journey to India where he was artistically motivated by the people, culture and striking colours of the country.

Like many, Scott has a keen artistic eye and natural ability to compose beautiful and moving photographs; however, his mark seen in his portfolio is his unique and natural desire to form authentic connections with everyone that has the pleasure of meeting him. This lends him the ability to draw out genuine emotion and beauty in all his work, demonstrated by his specialty in travel and portrait photography. When not exploring and shooting, he is a zealous music and cat lover. Scott is currently is based in Toronto where he captures his work on a Canon 5D Mark III.

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